Do worry and stress overwhelm you?

Does your inner critic get in the way of happiness?

You are not alone. We can help.

We give you more than just professional advice. We teach you how to become your own inner therapist.

An E-Therapy Group counselor will work with you in areas like anxiety, stress, anger, depression, frustration, irritability, hopelessness. Our goal is to help you bring balance back into your life, quieting your mind, calming your soul…so you can achieve your goals.
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We have specialists for the following concerns:

The Usual Stuff
We work with people that are dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, bereavement, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, and many other critical parts of life. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you get your balance back.
You thought you were fine, but now you're not sure. You haven't felt yourself in years. You try to make everyone happy, yet you're also not sure who you can trust. And then there's that lying voice in your head that blames you and criticizes your every move. Healing is more than self-help.  We follow the latest research, use the most effective techniques, and teach you strategies to quiet the mind, calm the body, tap into your inner resilience, and build a reliable support system.  You’ll be in the driver’s seat as we put the pieces together which tell your unique story.
Post-Partum Families
Adding a child to your family is an exciting time, but it can also lead to emotional upheaval.  We help moms, dads, and parents-to-be learn to quiet the negative thoughts, elevate their mood, and find peace in their new role. Click here to learn more about our Maternal Mental Health focus.
Overwhelmed Parents

  Parenting is messy, stressful, and downright overwhelming at times. Your instincts may conflict with the advice of friends and family.  Perhaps you realize that you have unmet emotional needs and you're not sure how to give your child(ren) what you never received.  Your child is your top priority. Helping you become the best parent you can be is ours.

(Psst! Foster/Adoptive parents--this spot is for you!)

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