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Personal & Professional Development

Creativity & Performance Enhancement

Track and Field Athlete

The                       technique was discovered while working with a figure skater--both athlete and performer. 


Injuries are experienced both physically and mentally.  As the physical injury heals, the body adapts to function around it.  If the psychological injury has not healed, the body may still resist performing at its fullest potential. Brainspotting aims to recover and resolve the mental and emotional injury, enabling the body to achieve its potential. 

This process can have an expansion effect on the parts of your creativity and performance that are already going well.  Individuals are able to tap into and harness their mental assets to create and produce rich, authentic material.

Music Performance

Speaking Topics

Personal Development

How to Survive Your Child's Tantrums: An intrinsic look at what goes on beneath the parenting surface. 

Guilt-free Parenting

Social Skills Training With An Only Child:  Explores the challenges of teaching social lessons without the benefit of other siblings. Offers opportunities for integrating social skill lessons into a day in the life of an only child (best for parents of younger children). 

When Kids Unpack Your Baggage:  Ever notice how kids seem to find just the right (WRONG!) buttons to push?  This topic discusses how to handle your own emotional load from childhood and past relationships when your child finds and unpacks your secret baggage. 

Professional Development

Differential Diagnosis: Trauma, PMAD, or Typical Birth?

"Be Happy You Have A Healthy Baby" and Other Post-Partum Advice That Causes More Harm Than Good (for professionals)


Clinical Indication for Collaborative Note-Writing

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Gain invaluable insight from BSWE-approved supervisor with expertise in clinical mental health treatment with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups.  In addition to clinical decision-making, supervision sessions will focus on attaining work-life balance, professional boundaries, maximizing clinical time, connecting with clients, and working in office, home, school, and online settings.  Call or email for more information. 

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