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​"What if my friends find out?!"  "You can't make me go!" 

Does this sound familiar?  Online counseling can be effective for teens aged 15 and up, with parental consent and participation.

A long time best practice in clinical work with children/adolescents has been to meet clients in their natural environment, presumably home and school.  Nowadays, let's face it.  Our kids are spending so much more time on their devices that their natural environment has become cyberspace.  While parents may feel their teens spend too much time online, or that their online relationships are not genuine, nevertheless this is the world our children are growing up in.  This can be an effective place for teens who may be resistant to attending in-person sessions.  Even if your teen is interested or even asking for help, your teen can benefit from online sessions, simply because they are often experienced with the concept of video chatting.  Your teen must have parental consent to begin the online therapy process.  Parental participation is welcomed and is expected on at least a monthly basis.

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Travelling? Living internationally? Waiting for benefits to start?

Expats, you are already accustomed to video chatting with your friends and family while abroad.  Why should your counselling be any different? You deserve the benefit of staying with the same clinician regardless of where on the globe you move. 

After working on an American-owned counselling website, I quickly realized that access to well-trained professionals is limited worldwide.  In countries with centralized healthcare like Australia and United Kingdom, individuals were paying out of pocket for the equivalency of an email with a clinician, because they have several months' wait before their first appointment with an in-person provider.  Some were working with both their government-appointed provider and myself, the online clinician, because the government health care only approved for a few in-person sessions.  The desire and need for online access to affordable mental health treatment became apparent to me.  I offer video chat counselling so clients get more from their sessions than from mere emails. 


Have you attained advanced licensure but are hoping to sharpen your skills?  Perhaps you are making a career change from a non-mental health setting and need case consultation.  I am a Maryland Board of Social Work-approved supervisor and former Field Instructor for the University of Maryland School of Social Work.  I can provide online supervision to maximize you time in the field.  

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