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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of online therapy?
Studies show that many of the benefits one may expect from in-person therapy can also be achieved in online therapy.  The added benefits of participation in online therapy are convenient scheduling, no commuting or parking expenses, lesser need for childcare, lower fees, and privacy.  Online therapy can also connect you with a specialist who is not located in your geographical area. 
Do you accept insurance?
At E-Therapy Group, our clinicians prefer to partner with our clients--not their insurance carrier--to determine a course for therapy.  If we contracted with insurance companies, we would have to participate in audits of your records, where their employees can read about your sessions,  ask questions regarding your sensitive otherwise private information, and they can dictate to us how they want their members to be treated (ie which techniques to use, how often we can meet, how long sessions can be).  Furthermore, if an insurance company determines that your counseling need is not one which they cover, they can deny payment.   This creates an illusion of coverage, and sometimes leaves the client with a hefty bill he/she did not expect to receive.  We believe in privacy.  We believe in cost transparency.  Most of all, we believe strongly in your ability to choose for yourself, with the help of your counselor, which is the proper course of counseling for you. 
If you would like to seek reimbursement through your insurance plan, we can provide the proper documentation. This documentation includes the type and length of session, a diagnosis
 code, and the amount paid. Be sure to ask your insurance carrier if you have out-of-network mental health benefits.  There are apps for Android and Apple users which offer to submit your bills for you (Better, Reimbursify).   
Do you provide Clinical Supervision?
Enrollment in supervision toward licensure is closed until Fall 2018. Fully-licensed clinicians seeking clinical supervision for case consultation or to aid in career-transition from a non-mental health position may contact us to inquire about online supervision.  
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